A Spiritual Retreat on the Temptations of Christ


Free or $25 suggested donation.


A Spiritual Retreat on the Temptations of Christ invites you to journey with Christ through six key moments in which he encountered and resisted temptation.

This retreat prompts us to look inward and assess the temptations we face in our daily life – in our profession, in our spiritual life, with family, among friends. As we look at the example of Christ, we come to understand the necessary virtues we need to overcome temptation and persevere in our journey toward heaven.

A Spiritual Retreat on the Temptations of Christ is ideal for anyone seeking to take 1 – 2 days from daily life to spend quiet time in prayer and reflection. This retreat is a collection of seven meditations preached by Fr. Javier del Castillo, priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei and Vice President of the St. Josemaria Institute.

Originally given to a group of educators in February 2020, the themes addressed in this retreat are applicable for those in any profession. Included with this audio retreat is a guide to help you reflect upon the temptations you encounter each day and identify how you can overcome them with the grace of God.


1. Temptation & Divine Filiation

2. Study or Sloth?

3. Humility or Vanity?

4. Truth or Falsehood?

5. Unity or Divisiveness?

6. Spirituality or Worldliness?

7. Hope or Discouragement?