“The Gift of Never Losing Jesus” | Spring Appeal 2023

Dear Friends:

On April 23, 1912, at the age of ten, St. Josemaria Escriva made his First Holy Communion.

Years later, he said that when he received Holy Communion for the first time he prayed for his parents and sisters, and he asked Jesus for the gift of never losing him. St. Josemaria would always remember the anniversary of that unforgettable day on which, as he would say, “Our Lord chose to come and take possession of my heart.”

The events of St. Josemaria’s life and how he lived them also teach us about the beautiful and unforgettable events in our lives as Christians. We’re reminded that those special experiences didn’t just happen to the saints, they happen in our lives too.

Since our First Communions, we also have desired the gift of never losing Jesus! Each day we pray and try to stay close to Jesus by offering and inviting him into our daily activities and seeking him in the Eucharist at Mass, in the tabernacle, and in adoration.

At the St. Josemaria Institute, we know that’s your goal too, and our goal is to help you grow and foster that personal love and devotion throughout the year. As always, you can rely on our:

  • Weekly e-newsletters highlighting the life and teachings of St. Josemaria and essential resources for praying and celebrating liturgical seasons, feast days, and daily Christian life
  • Weekly podcast episodes to inspire your conversation and friendship with God
  • Daily inspirational quotes from St. Josemaria and outreach on social media
  • Library of articles and resources on our website, which you can access 24/7
  • Online seminars , retreats, and mini-courses to enrich your spiritual growth
  • Book of the Month series to help your spiritual reading goals

In 2023, we will also be sharing new resources and content inspired by the USCCB’s National Eucharistic Revival, a new Summer Seminar with a special guest presenter, future pilgrimage opportunities, and new articles and publications in the spirit of St. Josemaria.

As much as possible, we aim to keep our resources free and accessible to all through the generous support of the Friends of the St. Josemaria Institute. We are grateful for all your gifts and support, for sharing our mission and resources with others, and for encouraging us with your prayers. May Jesus fill your hearts this blessed Easter season and always!

Please consider offering your one-time or monthly gift today:

St. Josemaria Institute St. Josemaria Institute

The St. Josemaria Institute was founded in 2006 to promote the life, teachings, and devotion to St. Josemaria Escriva among all men and women who desire to find meaning and happiness in their daily lives by growing closer to God. The St. Josemaria Institute produces and distributes digital and print media as a means to spread Christian values around the world and to help people navigate and live well in the digital age.

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