A Spiritual Toolkit for Devotion to the Eucharist

This spiritual toolkit was curated by the St. Josemaria Institute to celebrate and aid in devotion to the Holy Eucharist in preparation for the Eucharistic Congress being held July 17th – 21st:

Throughout one’s life, the Eucharist stands as a beacon of grace and divine intimacy. Drawing from the profound insights of St. Josemaria Escriva, we are reminded of the transformative power of this sacrament. The Eucharist is not merely a ritual but a source of spiritual nourishment and strength, inviting us into a deeper communion with Christ.






“Faith makes us profess in the words of Peter that ‘ we have come to believe and to know that you are the Christ, the Son of God.’ It is this faith, together with out devotion, that leads us to emulate the daring of John, to come close to Jesus and to rest on the breast of the Master, who loved those who were with him ardently, and who was to love them, as we have just read, to the end.” (Christ is Passing By, no. 83)

“Our Lord Jesus Christ, as though all the other proofs of his mercy were insufficient, institutes the Eucharist so that he can always be close to us. We can only understand up to a point that he does so because Love moves him, who needs nothing, not to want to be separated from us. The Blessed Trinity has fallen in love with man, raise to the level of grace and made ‘to God’s image and likeness.'” (Christ is Passing By, no. 84)

“In the Mass, our prayer to God the Father is constant.” (Christ is Passing By, no. 85)

“The three divine Persons are present in the sacrifice of the altar. By the will of the Father, with the cooperation of the Holy Spirit, the Son offers himself in a redemptive sacrifice. We learn how to personalize our relation with the most Blessed Trinity, one God in three Persons: three divine Persons in the unity of God’s substance, in the unity of his love and of his sanctifying action.” (Christ is Passing By, no. 86)

“The holy Mass brings us face to face with one of the central mysteries of our faith, because it is the gift of the Blessed Trinity to the Church. It is because of this that we can consider the Mass as the center and the source of a Christian’s spiritual life.” (Christ is Passing By, no. 87)

“In the Mass, in this Mass that we are celebrating, the most Holy Trinity intervenes, I repeat, in a very special way. To correspond to such great love, we must give ourselves completely, in body and in soul. We hear God, we talk to him, we see him, we taste him. And when words are not enough, we sing, urging our tongue – Pange lingua! – to proclaim to all mankind the greatness of the Lord.” (Christ is Passing By, no. 87)

“To ‘live’ the holy Mass means to pray continually, and to be convinced that, for each one of us, this is a personal meeting with God. We adore him, we praise him, we give thanks to him, we atone for our sins, we are purified, we experience a unity with Christ and with all Christians.” (Christ is Passing By, no. 88)

“The Blessed Eucharist is not a symbolic representation of Christ’s nourishment of souls; it is the nourishment itself: Jesus Christ, really present under the appearances of bread and wine. He waits for us every day in the tabernacle and offers himself to us in Holy Communion. The Blessed Sacrament is the food that sustains and augments the spiritual life. The Church recommends frequent Communion because of the immense benefits it brings” (Christ is Passing By, no. 89)

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