Stories of Intercession: “Love, Forgive, Persevere, Be Compassionate”

By The Paschall Family

St. Josemaria Escriva has been an inspiration in our marriage and family. We learned about Opus Dei when we were newly married and before we had children. St. Josemaria’s writings have helped us learn how to love, forgive, persevere and be compassionate at all times. With the plan of life that includes the sacraments and daily prayer in our lives we have the strength to begin again each day with a smile. Happy Feast of St Josemaria — and nunc coepi (“now I begin”)!

– The Paschall Family (Friends of the St. Josemaria Institute)

Stories of Intercession

If you have experienced big or small favors in your life, especially through the intercession of St Josemaria, please click here to tell us your story. By sharing your story with us you can also reach the hearts of others and bring them closer to God.

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