Stories of Intercession: “Care for the Neediest Family Member”

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By Friends of the St. Josemaria Institute

“St. Josemaria has done so much for us that it’s hard to put it in a few words. He has taught us to give more care to the neediest family member and that having a special needs child is a sign of God’s trust. Also to overlook the faults of others while working on our own faults. He has taught us to be generous and to love God a lot! His teachings have brought a lot of joy and harmony to our family life. Happy feast of St. Josemaria to all!”

Stories of Intercession

If you have experienced big or small favors in your life, especially through the intercession of St Josemaria, please click here to tell us your story. By sharing your story with us you can also reach the hearts of others and bring them closer to God.

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