Stories of Intercession: “Becoming a Better Person on a Daily Basis”

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By The Amador Family

St. Josemaria has provided me with the guidance and insight to better understand how I can become a better person on a daily basis. I am able to improve my attitude and maintain solid inner peace through meditating on his writings and constantly reminding me of my call to holiness. This in turn helps me to provide stability and a positive attitude as I interact with my family, friends and co-workers. This positive attitude is contagious and I have seen first hand how others around me benefit from my inner stability and strength.

Amador Family, USA

Stories of Intercession

If you have experienced big or small favors in your life, especially through the intercession of St Josemaria, please click here to tell us your story. By sharing your story with us you can also reach the hearts of others and bring them closer to God.

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