If you have experienced big or small favors in your life, especially through the intercession of  St Josemaria Escriva, please tell us your story. By sharing the stories from your life, you can also reach the hearts of others and bring them closer to God.

Holy Mass in the Christian’s Life

To “live” the holy Mass means to pray continually, and to be convinced that, for each one of us, this […]

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41 Years: "Helping from Heaven" - The Favors of St. Josemaria Escriva

Each year on the feast day of St Josemaria Escriva (June 26th), we especially give thanks to God for all the […]

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Stories of Intercession: "Coming into the Church"

By The MacDonald Family My family and I were all received into the Catholic Church during this past Easter Vigil, […]

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Stories of Intercession: "Becoming a Better Person on a Daily Basis"

By The Amador Family St. Josemaria has provided me with the guidance and insight to better understand how I can […]

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Stories of Intercession: "A Beautiful Devotion for Our Future Together"

By The McDonald Family Greetings, My wife and I just received our paper copy of your novena for married and […]

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Stories of Intercession: "Don't Let Your Life Be Barren. Be Useful."

By J.R. of Independence, KY The story of my friendship with St. Josemaria is most certainly multi-layered and very detailed, […]

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Stories of Intercession: "Love, Forgive, Persevere, Be Compassionate"

By The Paschall Family St. Josemaria Escriva has been an inspiration in our marriage and family. We learned about Opus […]

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Stories of Intercession: "Care for the Neediest Family Member"

By Friends of the St. Josemaria Institute “St. Josemaria has done so much for us that it’s hard to put […]

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Helping from Heaven

“From heaven I’ll be able to help you better,” St Josemaria told us at the end of his life… His holy life had an enormous impact on those around him and on the millions familiar with his writings. Yet with his arrival in heaven, his help has become much more far-reaching, thanks to his intercession before God for so many people’s needs, whether big or small. Interestingly enough, he tends to work on two levels at once. While, for instance, he helps a girl recover the contact lens she lost in the bus, he likewise touches her heart to welcome Jesus Christ.

The mission God entrusted to Josemaria Escriva on October 2, 1928, was to found Opus Dei, a path to holiness through professional work and a Christian’s ordinary duties. Our Lord wanted to remind all men and women that they can and should be saints— also “ordinary” people: married or single; engaged in any honest job; sick or well, young or old, poor or rich… from heaven St Josemaria continues to carry out this mission, helping so many people to encounter Christ amid the problems, dreams, joys, and sorrows of daily life. Alongside Jesus Christ, one’s daily and at times tedious panorama gains an unexpected newness, a surprising grandeur, thanks to God’s redemptive love.

To help us discover the permanent newness that Christ’s light projects onto daily life, St Josemaria keeps on beckoning from heaven, intent on teaching us to love. He sends favors, both great and small, that contain a call from God to each soul… the beneficiary is led to an unexpected encounter with Christ himself.

– Rev. Msgr. Joaquin Alonso
From the Foreword to
Favors of Saint Josemaria Escriva