A Spiritual Toolkit for Uncertain Times

As the world continues to confront the challenges of this pandemic, all of us at the St. Josemaria Institute assure you of our prayers and support.  To help navigate through this difficult time with a holy Christian outlook, we’re creating a series of Spiritual Toolkits filled with tips, articles, podcasts, etc., to help fill your days with peace and hope:

Spiritual Toolkit No. 1:  A special message…

Spiritual Toolkit No. 2:  “A Wake Up Call to Conversion”

Spiritual Toolkit No. 3:  “Maintaining a Spiritual Outlook in Challenging Times”

Spiritual Toolkit No. 4:  “Reading and Studying in Quarantine”

Spiritual Toolkit No. 5:  “Days of Recollection and Spiritual Retreats”

Spiritual Toolkit No. 6: “Remain with Us, Lord”

Spiritual Toolkit No. 7: “Walking with the Resurrected Christ”

Spiritual Toolkit No. 8: “Please. Thank you. I’m sorry.”


Due to social distancing regulations, Catholic all across the world are dealing with the reality of cancelled liturgies. Thankfully, many priests and dioceses have made Mass available via live stream.

Following are a few tips for participating in Mass from home:

  • Prepare as though you were going to a physical church location – set a specific time, dress accordingly, and silence your cell phone.
  • Create a sacred space by placing a crucifix, sacred art, and candles on a table near where you will be watching the Mass.
  • During Mass, respond out loud to the prayers said by the priest. Use your Bible or missal to follow along with the readings of the day. Sing along during the hymns. If there is no music during the live stream Mass, find and listen to a couple hymns online.
  • At the time of Communion, make a spiritual communion, praying: I wish, my Lord, to receive you with the purity, humility, and devotion with which your most holy Mother received you, with the spirit and fervor of the saints.
  • Once the Mass concludes, take a few moments to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God.
  • Our parishes continue to depend on our weekly financial gifts. If you are still able to give, mail your weekly gift, drop it off at the parish office, or make your gift online.

If you are searching for a daily live stream, the Catholic Information Center located in Washington, DC is offering daily Mass, adoration, and the rosary via live stream at cicdc.org.

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