Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum | “Contemplating the Mystery of Christ”

“In thinking about Christ’s death, we find ourselves invited to take a good hard look at our everyday activities and to be serious about the faith we profess. Holy Week cannot be a kind of ‘religious interlude’; time taken out from a life which is completely caught up in human affairs. It must be an opportunity to understand more profoundly the love of God, so that we’ll be able to show that love to other people through what we do and say.”

St. Josemaria Escriva
Christ is Passing By, no. 96

Following are a selection of podcasts, articles, and reflection questions to help guide your prayer during Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum:

Reflection Questions
    • Is my self-love an obstacle to allowing God to reign in me and to take possession of my thoughts, words, and actions?
    • Do I acknowledge the good that others are doing around me? Instead of criticizing, gossiping, or judging their actions, do I give thanks for their generosity and follow their good example?
Reflection Questions
    • Do I reduce charity to the purely material – just giving a few coins or things to the needy? Do I really know and understand the works of mercy? How is God asking me to live charity, not only with the poor and the needy but also with those closest to me?
Reflection Questions
    • Does Faith inform my whole life? Do I lack faith and a vibrant humility? Do I offer up my challenges and good deeds for an increase of faith?
    • Do I pray for what I need, confident that I will obtain it if it is for good? Do I persevere in my prayers and petitions without becoming discouraged?
Reflection Questions
    • When a temptation threatens to overwhelm me, do I remember that it’s not worthwhile to exchange my happiness as a child of God for a pleasure that ends right away, leaving the bitter aftertaste of defeat and infidelity?
    • Do I realize that I can influence the whole world and make so many people happy in the place where I am, doing my work well, caring for my family, and serving my friends?
    • Do I ask God to help me to say no, firmly, to everything that separates me from Him?
    • If I feel weak, do I hurry to the Sacrament of Penance knowing that our Lord is waiting for me there like the father in the parable of the prodigal son? When I become discouraged or pessimistic do I remember that God’s mercy and power to lift me up from my falls is even greater?
Reflection Questions
    • Do I correspond to God’s immense love: by attending Holy Mass with faith and devotion? By preparing myself very well to receive Communion, being clean in soul and body to worthily receive Him? By frequently visiting Jesus hidden in the tabernacle?
Reflection Questions
    • Do I accept joyfully little daily sacrifices because I don’t want our Lord to carry the Cross alone?
    • Do I take advantage of the ability to love what God has given me, in order to make specific resolutions, to say sincerely: “Lord, never again, never again!”?
Reflection Questions
    • The people around me are waiting for me to reveal to them the marvel of finding God. Do I have the courage to accept my mission as a Christian and speak to people about the joy of getting to know our Lord?
    • What resolutions of conversion and apostolate can I draw out this Holy Week to identify myself more closely with Jesus Christ and to be more fully concerned with souls?
    • Do I go to Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, to help me understand what it means to follow in the footsteps of Christ and to give my life for others?


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